Friday, June 24, 2011


The game of Trouble, a sucessful trip to the dump and a ladies magazine from 1966 were the inspiration for this painting. In the spirit of causing havoc and a bit of 'witchery', this girl is stirring it up!
Our Bewitched-era gal has before her a crystal ball-cum-pop-o-matic bubble(scoured from the dump and probably once housed a trinket from a vending machine) which contains a die with a different coloured dot on each side ( also found at the dump).
"Pop the bubble, pop the die, pop a six and you move twice. Race your men around the track and try to send the others back!"
Yup, for all of those who were kids in the early seventies, remember that diddy? That's a looong time ago. The power of advertising!Wow!
The back drop was inspired by the actual design of the Trouble game board and sci-fi/futuristic like aesthetic from that era that was use alot in graphic design. The confused and frustrated looking gentlemen replace the coloured peg game pieces and await to be Troubled at the next 'pop' of the die!
"Trouble"** (mixed media on 12"x12" board) is one of 20 pieces exhibited in the show "When She Was Bad" now on display at the Cape Breton Centre of Craft and Design, 322 Charlotte St. Sydney, Nova Scotia until July 22nd, 2011. C'mon down and have a peek. For more information on this piece, email me at