Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fun for One

Every time I go for a walk, I seem to find these wee cap gun rings and I can never resist picking them up and putting them in my pockets. Knowing that I have a thing for these little finds, friends even pick them up for me now. You know you  have good friends when they will stoop and collect trash for you (shout out to all of you who bring me treasures!)
"Fun for One" was inspired by these little fire crackers (anyone out there remember when caps were made on red paper tape and could be struck with a rock to ignite them and cause a nice 'crack' if no cap-gun was available?). Anyway, yes, this work was inspired by the caps and by this cheeky gal who proves that girls can 'reach new heights' all on their own.

Blast off!

"Fun for One" is a mixed media work on board ( almost all of my work is on cradled board and doesn't  require framing) and measures "12" x 16".
For sales inquiries or other information about my work, please feel free to email me at tmfancey@gmail.com