Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Newly Hatched Idea

Family Tree in early stages
 In April of 2012, I will be participating in an exhibit (title etc. to be announced) that will focus on our feathered friends, the birds, and their habitats and homes. I'm collaborating with my friend Shari MacLeod aka RedTwigBrownTwig, fibre artist/basket weaver and brain behind the fore mentioned exhibit (which will also feature collaborations by Shari and four other fine artists). Shari will be creating a "Family"  tree to house a family of birds that I will be working on.

These are just some of the family members who will be displayed throughout the branches of our Family Tree. The Passeriformes Family, whose members include the Horned Lark, Grey Jays, Robins and Chickadees, to name a few.

In the photo to the left, are various portraits, transferred onto heavy gessoed watercolour paper. Also in the photo are some old frames found at flea markets and thrift stores. The frames will be re-presented and enhanced (with paint and found bits and pieces) and then these fine folks will be transformed in to a family of Birds. That's the plan at least. I will post more photos of our family members as they progress.

Stay tuned...