Monday, February 13, 2012

The Trickster Fox

Like most creative/maker types that I know, I've got several works on the go at once. I'm diligently working on my Family Bird portraits for my "Home To Roost" exhibition pieces, but I am also simultaneously working on a growing number of other pieces for my "Altered Egos" show at the Craig Gallery in 2013. Having more than one piece in progress helps me to continue to work even when something has got me stumped as I can move on to another. This photo to the right is one of about 5 works I have in progress for the Altered Egos show.

The working title for this piece is The Trickster Fox and is inspired by the Archetype the Trickster, a vintage photograph, vintage magician posters as well as the dualities in our personalities and what effect our actions have on others. No matter how much I think I know about someone, I know there will be just as many, if not more things I don't know about them, so it always boils down to instinct and trust when it comes to relationships. Sometimes your instincts will tell you that their heart is true even when their actions say otherwise... and so trust you must.

The first pic is of the wood support that I have gessoed (12" x 16") and applied the photo transfer to using an ink jet transparency of the vintage tintype photograph. I always transfer using black and white ink, which ultimately
takes on a blue-ish tint. I like this as I will add my own colour with
paint, but there is a ghostly, netherworld quality to the image.

This next photo is after I have fixed up some of the detail with paint, (transferring in this method on wood can be a bit dodgy and rough) and I started adding and removing elements to the composition. I am still working out the background idea but know that there will be an owl if not a few in the painting eventually as well as some magician type  and sleight of hand stuff maybe. Once the basic elements are added and established, I will then start adding colour. As I go along, I think I may write a poem as a companion piece. An ode to this Fox.

Will post more as it comes...