Friday, September 13, 2013

Studio Alchemy

 Back in the studio at the end of the work week and setting items out so as to decide on what ideas to tackle next. Part of the fun is looking at what I've grouped together to hash out ideas. Sometimes all the items end up in the finished work, and sometimes they are just what has helped
to tease out the vision/emotion/statement or whatever.
Thought I'd share just one of the many groupings I have on the go with you and a little stream of my thoughts that go with it:
So... take a perfume ad from the mid 60's, add an element from a stove. Hmmm, 'being more of a woman'> Identity crisis>sexual tension>message from the past>future of women>the future>identity, again> my identity>who am I>that element looks like an identity disc from the movie Tron> 1982>my youth>Lora Bains>Yori>2nd identity>that element gets hot>hot as in passion?>
hot as in tempered?>
Hot Head?>....let's see what happens next. Stay tuned.