Friday, November 29, 2013


I had a lot of fun working on this piece because I'd finally found the perfect opportunity to use some fur that I was gifted and I knew it was a piece that could be looked at or petted...should the viewer need to pet something.
Lionheart was inspired by my oldest daughter, who is a Leo and is brave and strong but has heart so big, it could crush this town. The Strength card in the Tarot deck also influenced this piece, noted by the lemniscate floating above the subject's head.
Lionheart can be seen at the Craig Gallery in Dartmouth NS at Alderney Landing until day's end this Saturday, Nov. 30. Drop in and meet her and her 21 Altered Egos friends.

Lionheart by Teena Marie Fancey
8" x 10" mixed media painting
upcycled fur, vintage curtain pins, acrylics