Thursday, November 28, 2013

She was framed!

This is Deerheart. She came about due to my interest in shape shifting characters and the Celtic mythologies about the Bean Si aka the Banshee. The Banshee has been typically portrayed as a screaming, wailing hag but further reading of lore proved to be quite enlightening. So the result was the shape  shifting Deerheart and her accompanying poem.
Once the painting and poem were done, I tasked my good and talented friend Shari MacLeod to create a frame that would serve my bean si well. The results, as you can see, were fabulous! Hand woven with dyed rattan, some cane and embellishments of driftwood and feathers, Shari managed to build a housing that is a true extension of the painting.
I present the finished Deerheart (completed poem to follow below). Deerheart is part of my exhibit Altered Egos.

Dear Hearts

By Teena Marie Fancey



Gather you gentle ones,

where the boney birches stand

Where moss and lichen soften steps you take across this land


Gather you gentle ones,

you creatures of the wood

Stay shy outside the fairy ring as you have learned you should


The keening sounds to summon us, and echoes through the trees

And shakes them with its sadness and moves them like a breeze


Inside the ring she changes skins and shows to us her youth

While sobbing with the knowledge that she sees the bitter truth

A fellow soul will fall this night,

a dear heart in our midst

By means of claw or teeth or jaws, or arrow in their breast


Blood will stain the forest floor and mingle with the dirt

Their bones will end up underfoot, their soul will wait rebirth


Once death has taken what it claims, she’ll wipe away her tears

She’ll step outside the fairy ring and show to us her years


Off you go, you timid ones,

and take your leave at morning

She’ll come again with a breaking heart
and cry to us her warning