Thursday, July 31, 2014

Shine a light...

So, I'm pretty sure the painting portion of my lighthouse lady painting is done now. I am letting it sit on the easel for a few more days within sight just in case I have to make any additions. It's always good to live with the work for a bit before calling it finished and of course, my gut has to agree too...and it is taking it's time mulling it over. I may be in possession of a found object that needs to be added. We'll see. Sometimes less is more.
Meanwhile, I will try and settle on  a title. Usually I have one early on but I'm a bit torn this time. I originally thought I would call it " Love on the Rocks" but now I'm thinking "Lighthouse Keeper"

Next steps will be to hand this off to my fellow artist Shari MacLeod. She has agreed once again to brainstorm with me and create a frame for my painting. I am excited about this! Shari has a a wonderful imagination and oodles of talent. 

So what will I work on next? I will start 3 new paintings so I can work on whichever I like, depending on my mood. Think: totems & forest.  Thieves. And Jellyfish. Hmmmm...

Here are the last 4 progress photos  for my lighthouse lady. I will photograph the piece again when it gets it's frame.  
Hmmm not quite done