Monday, October 5, 2009

Myth in the Mist

I came upon this picture/postcard in a collectables shop. Apparently, she was a silent film star of note, the back of the card was autographed. I decided she would be front and centre in a new painting for an upcoming group exhibit that will run in conjunction with the Celtic Colours International Festival. Myth in the Mist is an exhibit to celebrate the Otherworld of Faeries, at the Cape Breton Centre of Craft and Design.

Not long after I found this beauty, I picked up a 1950's comic of Shakespear's A Mid Summer Night's Dream. I decided then that this lovely lady would be Titania, the Faery Queen of Shakespeare's play and I would submit her for exhibit in
Myth in the Mist.

After working on Titania over several weeks, this was the final result. She is lulled to sleep by her ever present subjects, the faeries that reside in the woodlands and as she drifts off images of a hummingbird searching for nectar, fishes swimming in the silence of the deep water and the glow of the moonlight that attracts the Luna Moth from the darkness fill her mind.
She is on cradled board, (size: 11" X 14"), is done in acrylics and is titled:
Titania's Dream-"Sing me now to sleep" (SOLD)

Myth in the Mist opens Thursday, October 8th at 7PM at 322 Charlotte St. Sydney, Nova Scotia.
All are welcome!