Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just Dessert

Just Dessert or

by Teena Marie Fancey

I’m just not good at ending it
I don’t want to break your heart
Or have you become mad at me
For wanting us to part

Even though I want it over
Istill want you sweet on me
There’s just no way around it, dear
This is how it has to be

I will demonstrate kind-heartedness
By showing you I care
I’ll make a special dinner
And I’ll gently tell you there

I’ll tell you I adore you,
But that I have a new pursuit
That someone’s caught my roving eye
A fact I can’t refute

I’ll smile and serve you seconds,
And I’ll be your just dessert
Then you’ll have a tummy-ache
That’s when you’ll know love hurts

Was the chicken your demise?
The parsley, or the thyme?
Or could it be the recipe
That took you in your prime

I will shed a tear for you
You were a great delight
And if I tire of my new love
I’ll whet his appetite

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