Monday, October 24, 2011

How to Get Along with Other Women

How To Get Along With Other Women
(or Gossip)
mixed media painting and poem by Teena Marie Fancey

Born of boredom, bitter words
Are formed with lipsticked mouths
Through smiling, whitened, perfect teeth
They carelessly pour out
Chins wagging, bragging, nasty news
Heartlessly sung with poisoned tongues
Telling the secrets belonging to you
No thought about the damage done

The trouble they breed, like evil seeds
Take root in pious hearts
Spreading misery like thorny weeds
Their stinging messages impart
To eager ears that relish to hear
Of lies and tarnished names
And ugly, spiteful, hurtful words
Spit out to injure and defame

Harsh remarks mistakenly
Believed they equal power
But rumours leave an aftertaste
That leaves the stomach sour
And so it goes on down the line
For wicked tongues won’t rest
What goes around will come around
No doubt that they are next

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