Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ode to a Fox

Just a little more progress on the painting...owl starting to take shape and our fox now has both of his hands. Bunny has started to grow into it's white coat...ways to go yet.
I did write an poem to accompany our Trickster friend. That's progress. There may be changes to the poem over time, as I revisit what I write often and with fresh eyes and fresh inner voice tend to make seasoning a dish: a pinch here and dash there.
So first draft of Ode to a Fox goes like this:

What alchemy has brought us here?
Nature is and nature does
Irresistible alchemy
Reveries and chemistry
Smell and taste
of blood and skin
What form will you take?
Lover or friend

Oh sly one, oh fly one!
Oh fixer, oh trickster!
You old shape shifter

And with sleight of hand
We’re pet and prey
Heads and tails
And copper flashes
Through trees and bramble
We run, we stumble
Pounding hearts
We’re courting trouble

Now...the Fox must wait as there are birds to paint! Home to Roost will open in early April at the
Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design. Next Post will have more deets!