Saturday, April 7, 2012


Robin T. Migratorius (sold)
It's been a while...but want to update you on my latest endeavours.
I've been working on little portraits for the
Home to Roost exhibit that I'm participating in with artists :

Shari MacLeod, Sarah Beck, Gayle Bird , Joan MacKenzie and Katherine Scott .

The exhibit runs from April to the 31st of May, 2012 at the

Cape Breton Centre for Craft  and Design..

So, if you scroll on down, you'll see some wee portraits I painted of some family members from a  piece called The Passeriformes Family Tree. I will try to get some photos of these portraits in their Family Tree, which basket weaver Shari MacLeod made in collaboration with me. Stay tuned for Lady Birds in Cages in my next post.

The Dowager Migratorius(sold)
 Scroll down and ,hopefully, enjoy.

Auntie Citta Corvidae (sold)

Little Ella Fringillidae (sold)

Passerella I. Fringillidae

Uncle J.C Corvidae (sold)