Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Teena + Tina = Inspiration

While visiting friends in Arizona, I had the good fortune to visit La Posada, the last of the Railway Hotels along the Santa Fe Line. La Posada, in Winslow Arizona, has been lovingly restored
 ( click here for a great story and history) by Allan Affeldt after he learned the property was in danger. 
Not only was La Posada an interesting place to learn about and visit, but it houses the work of Allan's wife, Artist Tina Mion. My dear friends Nancy and David had orchestrated this stop in Winslow because they knew I'd love the location, the story but most of all Tina's work. They know me SO well...
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The timing of visiting this wonderful exhibit of work, was rather remarkable. I had been in need of some inspiration and this was it. I felt a connection with the work, both with a lot of the subject matter and the artist's style and emotion. After wandering through the exquisite rooms of the hotel and taking in Mion's powerful, large and bold work, the sparks in my brain lit up the circuitry there and ideas came pouring in. I
I also came away with a sense of courage to take back into the painting studio with me this summer.

From one Teena to another Tina, I thank you! You can count me as an admirer of what you do.