Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Studio 2014: Here we go...

Finally the Summer Studio is set up and work has begun. I do have a goal of completing several paintings by Labour Day as I think setting a number helps me to keep the whip cracking. Last year I completed 18 paintings between July 1 and Oct. 25th. That number reflects paintings that were to my satisfaction and ended up on the walls of a Gallery. It does not include the half dozen or so that were scrapped at some point and faced the the electric sander. I have no plans of being so prolific this year in the Summer Studio, but will do my best to turn out a small collection.
 I prepped all the boards I hope to paint  at the beginning of the month, but a wave of heat prevented me from working further on them as the temps in my loft were quite unbearable no matter how high I powered my oscillating fan or how tight the blinds were pulled against the sun. A wall of windows over the work space, two on either side and two skylights behind me proved too much even when covered and threaten to cook me alive up there. So, darn, I had to go to the shore to swim instead. Poor me.
Temps have been cool in the evenings now and I'm back on the horse. Started a painting 2 days ago (no title yet) but will post the progression for fun. I started with a board which has been coated with gesso and it's been sanded and a transfer of an antique photograph has been applied. I have been altering the scene with acrylics. So far, so good.
 Take note: I have been asked repeatedly as to why I bother with using a transfer as I do demonstrate my skills as a painter and could paint from the photo. Allow me to explain. I do so because I'm in love with the photograph and I want to give that subject another 'life', as it were. The transfers are grainy and 'ghostly" -further motivation as I do like a bit of dark to come through in the work-, and they are used as an underpainting. Hardly a bit of the transfer escapes my brush, unless I feel it must stay as is...that's creative license. I paint on top and change (sometimes drastically, sometimes minutely) their expression, clothing, pose and even the twinkle in their eyes. Doing this is my 'schtick' at the present time. No doubt at some point I will paint portraiture of my own, and I do have the chops to achieve this, but right now, I wish to give these nameless faces an encore in a theatrical presentation painted by me. The guestbook at my last exhibit had a few direct and almost terse comments about my decision to work this way. A short response would be: because I want to.
A wordy post, to make up for lack of posts in some time. Here we go...
work by Teena Marie Fancey in progress #1
work in progress by Teena Marie Fancey #2
work in progress by Teena Marie Fancey #3
work in progress by Teena Marie Fancey #4
work in progress by Teena Marie Fancey #5

work in progress by Teena Marie Fancey #6